Hi Ladies! As you know, I love collaborating with other amazing women entrepreneurs in San Diego and just recently I had a fun opportunity to do so and talk beauty and business. Take a peek below at what the amazing Angela Garzon or 'Create with Gusto' wrote about it...


As women entrepreneurs, it's so easy to get caught in an endless loop of comparisons and the constant feeling that you're not doing what you "should" be doing. It's time to stop "shoulding" on ourselves.

Now, more than ever, Women of all ages are feeling empowered to take control of their image and their self worth. Maybe you're a free spirited artist that loves make-up? Or an account executive that feels more at home in a tshirt and jeans? Or if you're like me, your beauty routine can' be longer than 5 minutes because I'd rather be dong other things. Guess what? That's all OKAY, and really, needs to be celebrated because we're all different and all powerful.
"I am a firm believer in dressing the part and I feel like when I start my day off in a great outfit and actually take the time to do my makeup and hair I am presenting the best me. I want my focus to be on what I am about to present or listen to and my appearance shouldn’t be a thought at that point." - Jessica Sweeten, Sweetly Striped
When I think of confidence, I think of Jessica and her boutique, Sweetly Striped. The clothes she carries are fun and flirty, but also offer a simplicity that make the pieces easy to mix with an existing wardrobe. She cares about women, not just looking great, but also feeling confident in everything they take on.
She, along with four other lady bosses got together over brunch and chatted with me about how they've cultivated their confidence over the years.
"As I have aged, it has become less important to me how others perceive me and more about being true to that “wise woman” that lives within.  As I embrace and love who I was created to be, I am more authentic and present with others which has enabled me to be more successful in all areas of my life." - Marilyn Watts, 62
"Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals has increased my motivation and drive and helped me to take actionable steps towards my goals to actually see my dreams come to fruition." - Krystal Usher, 30, Wild Hearts & Halos
"Adjusting to the changes that come with aging is also key. One of the hardest issues I had to deal with two years ago - my hair started falling out like crazy. I’ll admit - I cried!! Luckily I have a lot of hair, but I did have to change my hair style to hide the hair loss. I actually love my style now and wish I did it earlier, but it was an extremely upsetting time." - Lisa Toperczer, 53, Blooming Art
"I like to think that my confidence and creative thinking has given me leadership skills that also translates into credibility. Though I’m confident, i’m never satisfied and this keeps me continuously moving forward to do/make/discover “What’s Next” with minimal fear. Confidence soothes the savage beast of fear." - Nichoël Adams Dean, 43, Studio Nichoel