Facebook Live Videos are FOR YOU!

Jessica Sweeten

Posted on February 05 2017

Facebook Live Videos are FOR YOU!

Hi friend! I cannot thank you enough for visiting our site and shopping with us. Each item at Sweetly Striped is handpicked by myself, with the goal to make every woman feel confident and beautiful while showing their own unique style. In addition to this, I want you to have fun shopping our site and feel that you were given the best customer service possible.

To better assist you, I will be doing Facebook Live videos where I showcase one or more looks and let you see the garment or accessories up close and personal. I realize it can sometimes be difficult to get a full understanding of how an item looks, fits, and feels when you shop online, so I want to take the guess work out for you and answer any questions you may have. Just email me at with your question(s) about a look and I will be happy to answer them through a Facebook Live video.

We are here because of our amazing customers whom we LOVE dearly, so let us help you however we can! 

- Jessica, Sweetly Striped Owner -

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