1. Prepare your space for success:
First, make sure you have a clean, clutter free space where you can create 3 piles of clothing you want to keep, donate or trash. Second,  it's helpful to put all your clothes from your closet on your bed while doing this cleanout so you make yourself finish or else you don't have a place to sleep! (haha) Third, have at least 2 trash bags ready for the donation pile. Fourth, make sure you have matching hangers and a few bins (if needed) for items that need to be folded and stored. 
Helpful tip: if you notice your closet could use some dusting or cleaning this is the perfect time to do so as well so when you put your clothes back in they are in a nice clean space.
2. How to determine if you keep an item or donate it:
You will have 3 piles that you are going to put your clothes into: keep, donate and trash. When going through each item to determine if you want to keep or donate it, ask yourself these questions. Have I worn this item in the past year? Does it fit? Does it fit your style? Would I buy this today? Do I feel good/confident in it? If you answered yes to these questions then it goes in the keep pile, if you answered no then it's time to donate it. Items that are not in good condition (ripped, stained, faded or otherwise unwearable) will go into the trash pile.
Helpful tip: once you put that item in a pile don't second guess yourself, just keep going!
3. Put it all back:
Now it's time to put back the items in your keep pile. When doing this there are a few things to keep in mind. One, organize your space by what you wear the most and give those items prime real estate. Two, now is the time to look at your space and if you find that you need to better organize it try installing new shelves, organizing drawers or add additional hanging rods.
Helpful tips: There are lots of ways to organize your items when putting them back. Here are a few helpful ideas.
  • Arrange by type, such as bottoms, dresses, tops, sweaters, outer layers, etc.
  • Arrange by color
  • Arrange based on height or bulkiness: tops can go on the lower rack, pants can go on a hook rack or mid-level shelf, longer items like dresses or coats would go on higher racks
  • Arrange your accessories on their own shelf or basket or on wall hooks
4. Ideas for the items you are donating:
The key here is to get this pile out as fast as possible, don't let it sit on your floor or in those trash bags for weeks. You can either donate it to a local spot (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.), sell it on poshmark, or give it to a friend. Whatever route you chose just do it and set a timeline of when you want these items gone and stick to it!


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