National Women's History Month is coming to an end this week, and we wanted to take just a few more minutes to pay homage to some of the women who have inspired us the most. 

Sara Briggs - I met this talented jewelry designer at a Pinners conference and have been lucky enough to keep in touch with her since then! She is incredibly genuine and kind, and has been a great source of inspiration for me as a fellow business owner. She is always focused on lifting others up and is killing it in her own business!

Mel Robbins - This super authentic motivational speaker is my go-to for hard days. She’s an incredible author and podcast host who has helped me so much with my battle with depress and anxiety. I can always turn to her hilarious Instagram account or a podcast episode when I need a boost!

Jen Reed - This influencer and business owner always puts a smile on my face! I choose her because she always shows up as herself and never strays from her core values and who she truly is. I also love her appreciation for her family and friendships and how that is such a positive focus on social. She leads with her heart on social media and I feel that is missing these days.

Sara Blakely - AkA the creator of the godsend most of us know as Spanx… is such an inspiration for women to show you can truly have it all if you are willing to put the work in and show up. That’s really it. Just put in the work and show up!

Ashley Alderson - is the founder of The Boutique HUB, a tool and community that has been monumental in my growth as a business owner and a person. This group offers tools to help you grow and continue to learn about constant changes in our business + it's full of other women business all over the world that you can communicate with and grow amazing friendships with. She created a space that was all about community over competition and this allowed me to become friends with so many other women who constantly inspire me and who I am so lucky to have in my life!

One of the best parts about growing Sweetly Striped is all the incredible women we've been able to meet and network with over the years. Not to mention the inspirational founders and business women that come into our atmosphere through media and podcasts. Cheers to all the ladies making it happen one day at a time!


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