As a mom of two, wife, and small business owner, there are a million things coming my way every minute of every day. I am beyond blessed and grateful for the life that I live, but sometimes things get challenging!

Daycare and school schedules are crazy, my husband travels for work, and general life things always tend to pop up when you least expect them. On the business side of things I face a whole other set of challenges that add to my everyday stress, and I've found over the years that I really have to be intentional with how I handle and manage stress in order to balance all the parts of my life. 

I wanted to share a couple things that I do that might be helpful for you as well!

  • Morning self talk: every morning before I even get out of bed, I put my hand over my heart and I set intentions. This can be a time where you pray and just have a few moments to yourself to just be in your own head saying positive things. I love to remind myself of things that mean the most to me and positive self-talk for things that I know I need to hear more to reflect more self love.
  • Move your body: as a person who struggles with sticking to a workout plan and being consistent I get it! However, we can all agree that after you workout (walking, yoga, bike, etc.) you feel good and your body is so thankful for it.
  • Gratitude journal: journaling doesn't' have to be perfect or even done for everyday day for that matter. It serves as a place to jot down your thoughts and reflections on your day or goals and really let out your thoughts in a safe space. Sometimes it takes seeing things in writing to really work though what is going through our mind and also see all the things we are grateful for and that are going well in life.
  • Celebrate the small wins/victories: I think we all get in the habit (myself included) of making these hefty to do lists and then feeling discouraged or frustrated when they don't get completed that day. Don't get me wrong, I have my "absolutes" that have to be done each day but I also make a seperate column on that list for what I have done and things that made me proud so I can also stop and acknowledge those as well.
  • Lean on your hype team: I honestly don't know what I would do without my girlfriends or loved ones cheering me on in life. I want to be a hype woman for those I love and I also need that from them. When I accomplish a goal you better believe I share it with those I trust and feel safe with. It isn't to brag but instead to vocalize something you should in fact be proud of to those who know how hard you are working in the background. Accomplishing things that enrich your life or make you feel happier and healthier shouldn't be kept to yourself or hidden. Celebrate your hard work, inspire others to do the same thing!
  • Carve time out for your friends: Girl, friend dates are so important and definitely deserve a spot on your calendar. Whether it's a walk through a gorgeous neighborhood or hiking trail you love or even just meeting for coffee, make it happen. If you're like me, the majority of my close friends live in other states so we have to get creative about keeping in touch. I have multiple chats set up through an app called Marco Polo so that we can all send video chats to one another about life, current topics and funny stories that we ordinarily do in person but unfortunately can't. It's all about making time for  those you love and feel support from in life.
  • Do what makes you happy: I try to make a list of things that truly just make me happy and help rejuvenate me when I'm feeling low or overwhelmed. This could be a walk in your favorite park or with a good friend, the movies, a long bath, cooking, etc. Whatever it is just make sure you throw it in your day to break up the craziness we all get caught up in.

I have an amazing community of women around me and I would love to know... what are some ways you manage the crazy times in your life? Leave me a comment here or DM me on Instagram!


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